Filmmaker, Performer, Professor, Provocateur

Filmmaker, Performer, Professor, Provocateur

Filmmaker, Performer, Professor, ProvocateurFilmmaker, Performer, Professor, ProvocateurFilmmaker, Performer, Professor, Provocateur

Mrs. Sanders / Horror Comedy short movie

Mrs. Sanders Movie Trailer



Short Horror Comedy Flick “Mrs. Sanders” Captures The Desperate Lengths To Which A Part Time Teacher

#MedicareForAll #BernieSanders

Oakland, CA

Noemi Zeigler, college film professor, is making society take a step back and look at how the healthcare system is set up to let Americans down. Zeigler’s latest short movie, Mrs. Sanders, combines horror and comedy to showcase the struggles of a teacher desperate to keep her life on track. 

Mrs. Sanders is about a college professor who discovers her insurance has declined to cover a medical procedure. She googles Medicare for All and up comes an article about Bernie Sanders. By her reaction, one senses that his presidential run is her only hope and that he is her savior and even the object of her romantic adulation. She comically makes out with him on the screen, hinting that she’s a bit off kilter. Things go awry when she takes horribly desperate measures to get her medical needs taken care of at the expense of the students in her class. 

More than half of all faculty appointments today are part time lecturers.  Part-timers lack job security from one semester to the next and often are not paid for preparation time even though they typically teach as many classes as full time faculty. To make ends meet, part-time teachers may need to cobble together several adjunct gigs. Even though many part-timers teach a full course load, they don’t get access to health insurance or retirement plans so a health crisis or other expensive emergency could potentially lead to financial ruin and even homelessness. 

Zeigler credits Jordan Peele’s breakout movie Get Out for inspiring her to play with the horror genre. Peele describes Get Out as a “social thriller”, because it asks the viewer to look at the real life horrors and oppression that black Americans face in everyday life. With Mrs. Sanders, Zeigler decided to examine the horrors of the poor and eroding middle class vis a vis medical care. She accentuates in sharp terms the lack of access to healthcare in a country with an $800 billion dollar military budget, corporations that pay zero taxes while their minimum wage workers need food stamps to eat, and health care and pharma industries which are only driven by the profit motive while average people resort to rationing their insulin and other meds.  Mrs. Sanders brings to light that in the richest country on the planet, lack of medical care is a travesty, unethical and a real life horror. 

Mrs. Sanders helps to make the case for Medicare for All, Bernie Sanders’ signature platform which boldly presumes that health care is a right and not a privilege. With students participating in the cinematography, editing, sound design and even graphic design, this is evidence of a new awakening where young people are becoming engaged in politics and increasingly using media as a tool to promote social justice.