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Madeline minx music

Minx will be adding many more tracks to Soundcloud and is slated to release her new music video for Sushi (24 hour dick) in fall 2019.  Please subscribe for updates. Minx also has some older tunes on bandcamp and Apple .



From Pushy to Madeline Minx

Madeline Minx formed Pushy with Olivia Herd and producer behind the scenes DJ Doubleclick. The two attended a Ween concert and came up with Pushy as tent for all kinds of things, poptronica, film productions, press and even a political party!

Minx and Herd made a splash at SXSW where they debuted their music video Suck it Up as well as Pushy buttons and bumper stickers (with slogans like Getting Nowhere? Get Pushy, Eat Pushy and Sushi? No, Pushy). The following year, they released a tape called Poptronica. Literally on cassette. They made their Pushy presence even pushier at SXSW, this time passing out their poptronica tapes, performing on the fly on street corners and at networking events, and staging a motorcade to announce their political campaign "Pushy for President and First Lady." 

Madeline Minx Superstar

After the band dissolved, Madeline Minx continued to perform all over the SF Bay Area and beyond as a solo artist. Independent record label Radio Charlie Records released a vinyl record containing her single Unleash Your Soul and club remixes by Goldchains and Kit Clayton.  The mixes have appeared on numerous dance charts around the country, and heavy rotation on radio stations New York’s WHCR, Chicago’s WCRX and Lexington’s WLKT. 

Minx’s live music performances include the main stage of the Castro Halloween party this October, South By Southwest Music Festival, North by Northwest, the Exotic Erotic Ball at Cow Palace Arena, and the Folsom Street Fair - San Francisco’s largest leather fair, attended by 30,000.  Minx has performed at Pianos and Lit in New York City and at San Francisco clubs including the Great American Music Hall, Bottom of the Hill, Paradise Lounge, Studio Z, Trannyshack, Hotel Utah, Tongue and Groove, Storyville and Broadway Studios.

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